Halton Kitchen Ventilation Service & Replacement Parts

SERVICING WISCONSIN In order to keep a commercial kitchen running smoothly the importance of proper ventilation can’t be overlooked. Combining functionality and safety, commercial kitchen ventilation systems offer many advantages. Our knowledgeable professionals will help you understand what you need and why. The right equipment working in the right system provides a cleaner working environment and fire protection. From hood position to fire suppression systems to ductwork and fans, Great Lakes Fire Protection has you covered for all of your commercial kitchen ventilation needs. We are a fully factory trained representative for Halton and Gaylord .

A professional kitchen is a very demanding environment in which ventilation is always a challenge. Each technology, system or product developed by Halton is exclusively designed to combine one or more of the following objectives:
- Energy Efficiency;
- Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ);
- Food or Fire Safety;
- Emission Control.

With this in mind, we consistently supply the perfect bespoke solutions from the largest and most efficient technical range, in the field of kitchen ventilation. This range generates de facto a powerful synergy, which is the necessary condition to obtain a High Performance Kitchen. From a plethora of solutions, we will hand pick the perfect combination for you to create a kitchen environment where efficiency competes only with wellbeing.

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